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Frisco-the-Aussiedoodle caught yawing before photo shoot.

This is Frisco at three weeks old. A lot is changing with his development as I watch him grow. Caught in a yawn posing for photos, Frisco is becoming more active. He is beginning to move around more and totter here and there. Able to stand and sit. He is a crier. A big talker. Very vocal and responsive in talking back with you. Often VERY loud in getting his point across to you (this has not changed, in fact, at one year old, he is very talkative with me and will even argue with me to try and get his way. lol).

He is a snuggler.......a big baby who loves to cuddle. He has a very sweet disposition. More playful now at three weeks old. The high energy of these gorgeous puppies is yet to come as his feet become more stable under him. Definitely beginning to develop his own personality and individuality from his brothers and sisters. I love this part.

His appearance is beginning to stand out from his litter mates in coloration, texture of fur, length of fur and body size. His fur is developing into the curliest among his brothers and sisters. I had so hoped he would be this curly. For me that means, less shedding, more hypoallergenic, and less grooming (or so I originally thought....more on that in later blogs).

He is mid weight among his litter mates at three weeks old here. One of his sisters weighs more than he and the other brothers and sisters weight fall under him. But growth can vary at this age, so we were not actually sure what size he would be when he was grown given a variety of factors including genetics, appetite, exercise, etc. It was predicted based on the breeding genetics that he would be around 45 pounds when grown (and the breeder was spot on in her prediction as we learned).

Other very noticeable differences at three weeks old are the color of his eyes (one bluer than the other more green one), the pinkish/brown rather than black outlining of his eyes, inherited from his champion father. Also the brown color of his nose and lips (inherited from his champion father). At this point also, Frisco and his litter mates are beginning to interact with each other now and beginning to play and play growl with each other.

At around three weeks old, puppies begin to cut their first deciduous baby teeth. And, depending upon the breeder, as their teeth begin to come in, some will begin to introduce solid foods.

In the next blog, I will show you the puppy food and give you the link to what he was fed and the vitamins he took. And, I will show you the vitamins he takes now at one year old.

For now, I gotta run.....Frisco is doing is woofy-thing under his breath letting me know something is outside. (I will try and video the woofy-thing so you can see and hear what he does for a later blog).

Much love and kisses from Frisco! Arf!! Arf!!

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