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I will be honest, I really have never been a "Man-in-the-Moon" fan. Honestly, he has been difficult for me to pick out and a little creepy if you actually think about it. Last night driving around with my camera, lenses, and tripod I was not sure where to go. My thoughts were that I certainly would love to capture photos of the event to have and share. I finally found a secluded spot, stepped out and set up the tripod and my long lens. As the cold night air quickly encompassed me I realized that where I was standing, I would need to drop the front tripod leg for stability for my camera and long lens and adjust the lens to be focused at about a 70 degree angle. Getting under the lens at that angle would be difficult in that position.

Just as I was focusing in on the moon, as the Blood Red Wolf Moon eclipse was about to begin, I saw him. The clouds had left and I was looking very clearly at the Man-in-the-Moon. Honestly, he looked to have sunglasses on and to be smiling about the event that was just about to begin in the Heavens. And then, it hit me. Why is he so clear? Why is he smiling? Psalm 19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork. Never before had I seen such a clear view of the Man-in-the-Moon. But even more importantly thinking about what I was seeing created for us in the Heavens, the moon and surrounding stars, shows us all His existence throughout our world for all to see.

Standing there in awe in watching this event, the thought came to me; just as crystal clear and sharp as the Man-in-the Moon's face was; Through My Father's Eyes, he has tried to place his existence and presence in our lives everywhere. Seems to be a theme he has laid on my heart. Thinking about my Heavenly Father and watching the events unfold, His face too, shines down on us beaming brightly, bringing peace to us that transcends understanding; just as I was seeing the Man-in-the-Moons face beaming down at me.

Through My Father's Eyes he is aware that we are often surrounded by a sea of problems here on earth, but we too are face-to-face with Him daily and He can give us peace. By focusing on God and his existence, we are safe. Metaphorically speaking, as long as we focus on Him, just as I was focusing in on the moon protecting my camera gear, he will protect us and keep us safe. If we focus and stare too long at the problems in our world around us, our burdens will make us fall; just as focusing too long at the bright light through the lens and at an awkward angle can temporarily make one blind and lightheaded when one looks away potentially causing a fall. We are simply to ask Jesus to help us with our burdens and call upon his Holy name and He will keep us from stumbling.

What an amazing event to watch unfold in the silence of the night with the blood red wolf moon and to think about His constant existence in our life.

Until the next blog; God bless!

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