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Wishing you a glorious Easter celebrating and remembering our Savior. Today, while working, as I was culling through photos, the words to this poem began to form. I quickly began to write them down and thought I would share with you. I hope they touch your heart.

I Will Return

Betrayed and when the morning came,

They mocked and scorned me and called me by name.

Bound and lead away,

To be scourged and slain on that merciless day.

Stripped of my outer garments and given a scarlet robe to be worn,

My clothes and body would be brutally beaten, battered, and torn.

Placed on my head, a sharp crown of thorns,

Blood drips down my face; given a reed, held in my right hand, to be used to beat me while forlorn.

Spat upon, mocked, and laughed at,

Many watched and sat.

Nails driven in my hands and feet securing me to the cross,

I feel the crushing blows as the mallet hits; I withstand and endure so it is not all a loss.

Struck with the reed in the head, the thorns are driven deep.

I watch my mother and hear her weep.

She knows the destiny I must fulfill,

For this is my Heavenly Father’s will.

They continued to mock and had I cried out to my Father above, twelve legions of angels would have come,

And all would have been done.

But knowing my purpose and what it took, had I come down from that cross,

I would have forfeited redemption for mankind’s salvation and that would have been a loss.

My love for you is more than you know, the anguish I endured from the pain,

Was for your life and for your gain.

I paid your debt for eternal life,

On that day I made the ultimate sacrifice.

On that very cross, I also paid the price for every disease,

By my stripes you are healed; just ask me and believe please.

On the cross I hung and darkness came about.

“Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” I cried out.

I cried out to the Holy Ghost again,

I freely gave up my life when the Holy Spirit told me to do so then.

My body was eventually taken that evening and wrapped in linen and placed in a tomb,

It was sealed and guarded with aplomb.

As I promised when I was crucified,

My resurrection would come; I had not lied.

I arose, an angel rolled the stone away from the tomb and those seeking me found I was not there.

They departed quickly, finding me as they were looking everywhere.

I told them to go and teach all nations, baptize them, and teach them to observe all things from me.

My word is still true today as it was yesterday; as you can see.

Put your feet on the path to righteousness, as I have prepared your way,

For again as I have promised, I will return one day.

Have a wonderful Easter!!

Until the next blog; God bless!!

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