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If there is one thing that I have learned over the years in photography it is that if you have a passion, it shines through in your work. I absolutely love being in nature and seeing all the beauty that God has created here for us on earth.

How much time do you take daily to notice His presence? Do you spend time doing so first thing in the morning over a cup of coffee? Lunchtime? Maybe in the afternoon? Or, before bedtime? Or are you like most people and have little time at all to notice His presence all around us with the days activities ongoing?

God seeks a relationship with us all and yet most will not sacrifice any time to be in His presence. His presence is all around us daily, as we go about our daily routine, if we will just stop and notice it, it can be found. We do not actually have to travel to some distance location to see the beauty He has put here to remind us of His presence. His presence can be seen in our children, driving down the highway as we watch the sun come up in the morning. Seeing birds flying overhead, or a falling leaf as we watch it go to the ground. It can be seen in a deer on the side of the road. A squirrel scamper up a tree. Felt in the wind blowing gently across your body. Or the smell of rain in the air. Or seen in the soft fallen snow or the dew drop on your car as you get in. It can be found in a babies cries at the store, laughter in a restaurant, or the dog snoring while laying at your feet. You see everything around us exalts His presence. And when we take time to acknowledge His presence, blessings flow from our Heavenly Father just like streams of living water. Make it a habit this year to spend time in His presence and glorify Him by delighting in getting to know Him and have a relationship with Him. Through my Father's Eyes, He continues to show me daily many things so that I may enjoy what He has prepared for me here on earth and in eternity to come.

Photo taken by Susan Hammons Photography at Rocky Mountain National Park

Take time to enjoy what he has prepared for us on earth; seek His presence.

Until the next blog; God bless!

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