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Butterflies all around,

Flitting, sitting, even on the ground.

How can anyone look and not see,

What great creations are made by our Heavenly Father robed in majesty.

Amazed by His grace,

When He prepared this place.

For us to enjoy the beauty and live in,

And testify to those who chose sin.

Lovingly convincing them to turn from their ways,

So their future will have brighter days.

Here on this earth,

Choosing Him gives new bodily rebirth.

Just as the caterpillar metamorphasized,

God will change all in your eyes.

Simply accepting His loving grace bestowed for all,

Eternity in heaven protects you from a never ending fall.

Through my Father's eyes he cautions, be careful of your choices,

'Tis better to be in eternity listening to the singing of angel's voices.

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