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As I walked through the woods recently admiring the beauty as everything is coming back to life with Spring now here in the Midwest, I have been in awe of the absolute beauty in nature this year. It feels as though the longer winter we have experienced this year will never come to an end. On the warmer days we have had, I have enjoyed the birds

Gold Finch sitting in tree.

more intensely, the flower blooms growing more appreciatively, the tree buds more anxiously, and the baby animals more passionately. There hasn't been a day that I haven't either walked outside, or gone on a hike, that I have not found something of beauty that has made me gasp. The beauty He created is all around.

For the past couple of days, the words "seek My presence" continues to be on my mind. Psalms 105:4 tells us, "Seek the LORD, and His strength: seek His face evermore." That verse reminds me of three things. First, the Lord genuinely seeks a relationship with us and wants that. He waits. And often times, we push him aside or put him last; if we even get back to Him during the day because of our busy routines. How many times have I even said myself, I will do it tomorrow. And only a small prayer is said with best intentions, yet life gets in the way. Life getting in the way is not the plan. It is not the purpose for being here. Our purpose is to be born-again Christians, fellowship with Him, rejoice with Him, seek His guidance, and tell others about Him as we are disciples for Him preparing for eternity. Ask your yourself, what is it that you are doing to have a genuine relationship with Him and tell others about His grace?

Secondly, the verse is a reminder to me that God is always there if we seek His presence. He is there to hear our prayers, as Christians, and will give us the strength and equip us to face the day, get through the week, endure obstacles facing us or whatever the task is at hand that we need His help with. We only need to ask Him for his help and intervention for guidance, protection, healing, reassurance, favor, or any other need in our life.

Pray fervently.

Thirdly, God's presence is always there within us and with us. He is there for us, not just in times of need, but just as Spring has brought out a newness to our world, He too is there to give us a newness, when we repent of our sins and become a born-again Christian; and, as Christians, he is also there to provide a renewal and refreshment in our daily lives, just as Spring brings about. We need only allow and be accepting of the light of His presence and Holy Spirit to be in our life teaching and guiding us as we learn from Him while worshiping and praising Him.

What is your relationship like with God? Is He your focus for the day? As you begin each morning think about how you can go about not just including HIM in your daily routine but making HIM the focus OF your day and including what you need to do at work and home into your life. There IS a difference in focus and how you seek Him. Don't focus on the world and then work Him in when you can; focus on HIM and His presence first and let the rest fall in place.

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