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Mom says there isn't anything cuter than baby pictures. And, she says looking at puppy baby pictures sends her into cuteness overload. So, I thought I would share my baby pictures with you and see what you think. I don't have very many newborn puppy pictures, like this one. My real puppy mom didn't take many; of course, she was busy taking care of me. This photo was taken of me at one week old under the Christmas tree.

Notice the color of my baby puppy fur, light colored ears and nose. Of course, my eyes are still closed. I didn't move around much at this age and did a lot of sleeping, eating, and going potty. My puppy fur was slightly wavy at this point.

I started to grow pretty fast, gaining weight and by about 2 1/2 weeks old, I began opening my eyes gradually and looking around just a little bit.

My face started to fill out a little bit more in combination with my ears that I started really using, I actually am starting to look a little bit more like a puppy. Somewhere between two and three weeks of age, I started to begin trying to stand up.

My hair is growing too and it is a little bit longer with waves than the earlier pictures. Notice my nose and around my eyes are now more of a pinkish/brown color. My daddy has a brown nose and brown eyes. Wait till you see photos of him. Here is a thought, take lots of photos if you get a new puppy for your family, then you will have them to treasure and look back on. I got adopted into a family where my mama is a photographer. She now takes tons of photos of me; you will see. If you need pet photos, call her. She loves working with pets and families.

Ought OH! Mom says it is bedtime. She just used the "K" word for bedtime. Actually she said, "Frisco. Bedtime. Time to get in your kennel." Gotta run; if I run and jump on the bed, put my head down when she comes into the bedroom and look like I am sleeping, she will let me sleep in bed with her. By the way, I am already a year old now. I have learned so much and have mom trained. Tell you more about me later. Gotta go.

Much love and kisses!! Arf!! Arf!!

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