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There is nothing more special than Christmas time to celebrate the marking of the birth of Jesus Christ for Christians around the world. If you look anywhere you will see Christmas decorations including lights, trees, tinsel, Santa Clauses, and Nativity Scenes. Along with the season comes school "holiday" programs, holiday parties, and Christian reenactments of Christ's birth throughout churches everywhere. The air is humming with the sound of Christmas. I have noticed over the years how quiet Christmas Eve is outside. It is a favorite time of mine to open the door, step outside, smell the cold crisp air and listen to the silence marking the birth of our Savior. Christmas Day is again full of hustle and bustle from unwrapping presents, fixing the Christmas meal, and then the silence at the end of the day from all that has gone on. The day after Christmas comes and exhaustion sets in for many, thankful, yet that another Christmas season has been survived and has come and gone. Clean-up and taking down the decorations begins as loved ones have left, and the normal routine of life begins again.

As the new year begins, where will your routine take you in your walk with God? Will God be a priority in your life or will you profess to others you are a Christian but yet your actions will be that of a lukewarm Christian? Through my Father's eyes His view of the lukewarm Christian is shown to us in Revelations 3:16 when he says, "So then because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of My mouth." In other words, if you are a lukewarm Christian you have not rejected Him, but at the same time, you have not accepted Him either; and in the mind of God, a tepid response is equal to a negative response. Being a "dabbler" in Christianity is very dangerous. A "dabbler" or a lukewarm Christian fools themselves that they are a Christian but yet, they choose not to commit to Him fully.

Here are some things to help you determine if you are "dabbling" as a lukewarm Christian:

1. Lukewarm Christians really do not want to be saved from their sin. They only want to tell you that they are saved and are a Christian so that they feel that they are saved from the repercussions of being a sinner. They know they are not really saved, but giving up their selfish pleasures is more to ask for than they are willing to commit too.

2. Lukewarm Christians are amazed at the true Christians walk with God and often are quite moved by their stories and actions to win souls for God but will be the first to join the group to say that Christians are radical in their thinking and ways.

3. Lukewarm Christians rarely share their beliefs, testimony and faith with others including family, neighbors, friends, and coworkers. They keep it hid to themselves. If you are a Christian and not a lukewarm Christian you are disciple sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with others throughout everyday in encounters.

4. Lukewarm Christians do not seek God and His guidance before making decisions. We are all human and it is very hard sometimes to let our desires go and let God have control over our lives. One of the major things that we are to do as Christians is to trust God in leading us. It is His desire to see His will in our lives over our own desires and when we allow Him to do so, and have the faith that God's way is the best way, our lives run much more smoothly. Lukewarm Christians do not seek God for his guidance and do not believe in giving God control and allow him to make decisions for them. They believe they control their own destiny and what their needs are.

5. Lukewarm Christians Chose friends that do not support the Christian lifestyle. Lukewarm Christians often only fool themselves when they surround themselves with people who are counterproductive to God's work but yet are there to be supportive and validate their lifestyle, egos, wants, and desires. Lukewarm Christians would rather seek out non-Christian supporting friends than true Christians that will be supportive, encouraging, and seek to carry out God's work. In other words, lukewarm Christians would rather live in the worldly than be totally sold out to God.

6. Lukewarm Christians are like young children often pushing their limits being lukewarm by trying God by putting Him to the test. Lukewarm Christians will profess to be a Christian but they wish to live WITH God in the world they CHOOSE to know enjoying its pleasures rather than seeking God and drawing nearer to him leaving the worlds sinful ways behind.

7. Lukewarm Christians think about life here on earth and achievements here much more than thinking about eternity and heaven being the biggest reward forever and ever.

8. Lukewarm Christians do not live by faith; in fact, they structure their life so that they never have too. If you never desire to learn more, fellowship with, or want to hear from God or have him guide you, you are not committed to God; in fact you are more than lukewarm.

9. Lukewarm Christians get caught up the materialist lifestyle of the world and never take time to give back to others or make any sacrifices for others of themselves.

The honest thing about all of this is you are either all "in" serving the committed mission for Jesus and using your resources for his people and kingdom, or you are not. There is no middle ground; being a lukewarm Christian puts you on dangerous territory and in a precarious position of being fooled by the devil and missing out on all eternity.

What will you choose for the coming year? Are you lukewarm or are you willing to follow God completely and be a disciple for Him doing His work?

Until the next blog, God bless!


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