Award Winning Wildlife, & Nature Photographer

Susan Hammons is a wildlife & landscape photographer based in North America.  Susan's passion for learning, wildlife, science, & the outdoors has lead her to being a passionate conservationist who has a love of teaching others about wildlife and nature in God's wonderfully created world thru a blog called All About Amazing Animals & Landscapes.  Susan often adds inspirational quotes & Bible versus to her photographs based on Jesus's own words of guidance, love, hope and peace found within Scripture.

The visual artistry of her photographs are born from not only her passion but also for a keen eye to spot & capture the many moods of wildlife and mother nature.  This passion shines through in her work and has attracted a wide audience throughout the world including nature lovers, conservationists, animal sanctuaries, zoos, other photographers, teachers, parents, and a variety of other wildlife and nature followers.  


Over the years, Susan has received numerous awards & acknowledgements from her work by peer photographers. Her photographs have been published in a variety of media ranging from calendars, books, videos, and advertising on social media sites, as well as, in television commercials. 


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